12 Apps That will help Entrepreneur be more productive


As a prolific entrepreneur, I have come across various challenges and have had to deal with a myriad of obstacles to make the name Stanley Meytin known to the status of receiving the recognition on contributions made in the world of business. As an entrepreneur, being smart alone is not going to make you make the cut to the success club efficiency is a key factor too. In the 21st century, the utilization of technology and apps that are cutting edge is a sure way to keep one on their A-game. Having to build a business from scratch requires a lot of time and energy, and as such it is important that the little that is there is utilized as productively as possible.

As Stanley Meytin, I have had a number of successful business stints and here below is a list of apps that I consider to be helpful to any budding entrepreneur.

1. TrackMaven: an excellent app that lets you monitor the competitors through analyzing their data. All the information needed is brought together and saves you the time of having to consult multiple sources. The app allows for filtering in order to receive the priority notifications only and erase all the other information that offers distraction.

2. EchoSign: this is an app developed by Adobe that allows for electronic signing of documents. The platform is made to be secure and easy to use. It is a welcome innovation that allows the entrepreneur to cash in on their ideas at any time from any place. The documents once signed are recorded and stored by the app to allow for easy backtracking when necessary.

3. Free Wifi Finder:  this is a welcome innovation for the budding entrepreneur that needs to be connected at all times. At the early stages of a business, every small opportunity cannot be passed up with the excuse of the slow or unreliable internet.

4. Uber: a revolutionary app that has upset the transport industry. The app lets the user get to the next destination without the hassle of waving down every next cab on the curb.

5. MobileDay: is meant to cover for those days that the schedule is so crammed up to allow for time to sit in the office and go through emails and calls. It allows for coordination all of in-person and conference call meetings by dialing in automatically, email with participants and even get directions to the next meeting place while on the go.

6. FedEx Office:  is a mobile app that has proven to be very helpful as it allows users to send easily files.

7. Hukkster: is a definite time saver. It allows users to set up preferences for the coveted items they want to purchase on a limited budget but have no time to go through the sale racks. The app tracks these preferences and makes notifications once these items go on sale.

8. Hinge: is a dating app that makes it easy for singles in your area and personal network to connect. It saves the time of having to scout for them physically, time that could be spent closing that deal!

9. Venmo: is the best app for nights out with friends.

10. Mint: is an app for personal cash flow management.

11. Pocket: is a bookmarking app which saves all types of content.

12. Unroll.me: Going through a cluttered email can be time-consuming. Unroll.me finds all of your subscriptions for you and easily scrolls through and unsubscribe from the ones you'd rather never hear from again.

Quick Content Marketing Strategies That get results


Admittedly, content marketing can be a somewhat daunting task for the uninitiated but it is actually quite straightforward. Simply put, the content on a website should provide timely information, answer relevant questions and help to establish the provider as a “go to” site when it comes to their particular market niche. Here are a few strategies to implement from Stanley Meytin on how to accomplish this goal:

Create good copy – This advice may seem self-evident but how many times have you arrived at a site where the content was only half thought through or unintelligible. If you or your team are not able to write competently and engagingly – hire some who is. There are literally thousands of decent freelance writers looking for work and they are extremely affordable. Also, do not be afraid to allow your writers to add a little personality to the piece. It makes it far more interesting for the reader.

Use relevant images – Words like “powerful” and “ meaningful” are often thrown around when it comes to describing the best image for a webpage. What do those words really mean, however. To actually word an image must add value to the words on the page and that means that they must be relevant- not just pretty or a cliché. For instance, an infographic or chart is far more engaging than a stock photo.

Use your blog wisely – A blog is a great starting point for engaging potential and existing customers but it is not the “be all and end all” of quality content marketing. In other words, do not place all your eggs in one basket when it comes to content marketing. In addition to blogging, develop a stand-alone website and consider using social media to increase the range of your marketing efforts.

Share your content – Creating content is just the first step in the process. The second step is getting people to actually read your words of wisdom. As noted above, this means using social media as a tool for dissemination but search engine optimization tactics will also help speed the process. It may be necessary to enlist the services of a professional SEO firm to accomplish this but the money is well spent especially if you are devoting considerable company assets to developing the content.

4 Reasons Why Drones Will Be Huge in 2016

Post shared by Stanley Meytin.

Drones have made quite a buzz in the past year and they are sure to continue to make the news in 2016. It wasn’t long ago that drones were exclusively found in war zones, and now drones are making their presence in cities and towns all over the globe, especially in the world of photography and video production. Drone popularity seems to be growing exponentially, here are 4 reasons why we think this may be the case.

1. Drones are Just So Cool

Let’s forget about the professional benefits that drones have supplied video production companies like ourselves, and just admit something: Drones are just cool to play with. They are like toys for adults, a remote control aircraft that has the ability to go thousands of feet into the air with a camera! There are not many people in this world who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to fly one. The sheer desire to play with drones may be the key to its popularity.

2. Aerial Footage is Breathtaking

The aerial footage captured by drones alone is enough to say “That’s freakin’ cool.” Aerial shots are just beautiful to behold. They offer angles and perspectives that ground photography simply cannot capture. Before drones came along, the only way to get aerial footage was to hire a helicopter. These days, anyone can use a drone to capture stunning aerial footage.

3. Drones are Easy to Acquire

As of now, there are no limitations on who can buy and fly a drone. There are models available in many price ranges, making the drone an affordable and useful item for many people. The only regulations are for where you can fly drones. For example, you cannot use drones within a certain radius of an airport, and the altitude at which you can fly your drone varies based on your location. But guess what? Your drone knows how high it is allowed to go and warns you if you get too high!

4. The Use of Drones in Marketing

The final reason we see drone usage exploding in 2016 is that drones offer unique opportunities when it comes to video marketing, and these unique opportunities are very attractive to companies that want to stand out from their competition. Brands and businesses are loving the affordable option to get aerial footage of their businesses to use in promotional videos, ads, sizzle reels and more. Also, aerial cityscapes are perfect for companies who want to show the scale of their operations in a video.

Real estate companies have found that drone footage offers a cool perspective on their available properties. It is a powerful tool they can use to sell properties in unique or notable settings. How about capturing video of live events? Take a look at this video taken at the Belmont Stakes in 2015. This drone gave us an entirely new perspective of the track as well as the events surrounding the main attraction.

If you are looking for a unique way to showcase your company, our drone services drone services are definitely something to consider. True Film Production can help you determine if aerial footage would be a good addition to your promotional videos or advertisements.

Source: http://truefilmproduction.com/4-reasons-why-drones-will-be-huge-in-2016/

Vertical Video: The Future of Mobile Advertising

vertical video

A new concept called vertical video is burgeoning in the social media and video marketing world. As technology evolves and the platforms we turn to watch videos change, marketers are learning to adapt. Historically, we have watched film and video horizontally on wide screens like television sets, computers, and movie screens. However, with video being viewed so prevalently on mobile devices it has become second nature to watch video on a phone or tablet with the screen held vertically, rather than turning the device horizontally.

Adapting to New Trends

Marketers and advertising agencies are beginning to pick up on this trend and are purposely creating video advertisements with a vertical perspective. We have been doing it for years with our smartphones, filming ourselves vertically for Snapchat or Instagram, but now marketers have begun to shoot their ads with the intention of being viewed vertically, which is a revolutionary concept.

Vertical Video is Here to Stay

Some producers are already on board. Video Producer Joe Avella is passionate about vertical video and a firm believer that it is here to stay. .

He brings up an important statistic, “About 50 million people in the U.S. now watch video on their mobile phones.” That’s a lot of eyeballs for advertisers to target. Watching video on a phone is a more intimate experience than watching on television, vertical videos compliment that personal, close-up feel that mobile users are experiencing.

The Social Media Perspective

Popular social apps such as Meerkat, with nearly 2 million users, and Snapchat, with 100 million daily users, are specifically designed for the use of vertical video. Facebook and YouTube have acknowledged the change and have updated their mobile apps as well to play vertical videos.

Recently, at the Cannes Lions Festival in France, Facebook unrolled its vision for future mobile advertising on their site. And guess what? It’s vertical video advertising. Take a look at the video below which shows the direction they plan to head.

The fact that 94% of Facebook’s revenue is generated from advertising and they unveiled vertical video advertisement as the direction they are heading, speaks volumes for the future of mobile advertising. This vertical video trend can be revolutionary to video advertising and marketers need to get on board.

Vertical Video by True Film

True Film has begun to create our own vertical videos and we are excited to challenge our creativity and work on many more in the future.

What is your story from True Film Production on Vimeo.

Article Source: http://truefilmproduction.com/vertical-video-the-future-of-mobile-advertising/