12 Apps That will help Entrepreneur be more productive


As a prolific entrepreneur, I have come across various challenges and have had to deal with a myriad of obstacles to make the name Stanley Meytin known to the status of receiving the recognition on contributions made in the world of business. As an entrepreneur, being smart alone is not going to make you make the cut to the success club efficiency is a key factor too. In the 21st century, the utilization of technology and apps that are cutting edge is a sure way to keep one on their A-game. Having to build a business from scratch requires a lot of time and energy, and as such it is important that the little that is there is utilized as productively as possible.

As Stanley Meytin, I have had a number of successful business stints and here below is a list of apps that I consider to be helpful to any budding entrepreneur.

1. TrackMaven: an excellent app that lets you monitor the competitors through analyzing their data. All the information needed is brought together and saves you the time of having to consult multiple sources. The app allows for filtering in order to receive the priority notifications only and erase all the other information that offers distraction.

2. EchoSign: this is an app developed by Adobe that allows for electronic signing of documents. The platform is made to be secure and easy to use. It is a welcome innovation that allows the entrepreneur to cash in on their ideas at any time from any place. The documents once signed are recorded and stored by the app to allow for easy backtracking when necessary.

3. Free Wifi Finder:  this is a welcome innovation for the budding entrepreneur that needs to be connected at all times. At the early stages of a business, every small opportunity cannot be passed up with the excuse of the slow or unreliable internet.

4. Uber: a revolutionary app that has upset the transport industry. The app lets the user get to the next destination without the hassle of waving down every next cab on the curb.

5. MobileDay: is meant to cover for those days that the schedule is so crammed up to allow for time to sit in the office and go through emails and calls. It allows for coordination all of in-person and conference call meetings by dialing in automatically, email with participants and even get directions to the next meeting place while on the go.

6. FedEx Office:  is a mobile app that has proven to be very helpful as it allows users to send easily files.

7. Hukkster: is a definite time saver. It allows users to set up preferences for the coveted items they want to purchase on a limited budget but have no time to go through the sale racks. The app tracks these preferences and makes notifications once these items go on sale.

8. Hinge: is a dating app that makes it easy for singles in your area and personal network to connect. It saves the time of having to scout for them physically, time that could be spent closing that deal!

9. Venmo: is the best app for nights out with friends.

10. Mint: is an app for personal cash flow management.

11. Pocket: is a bookmarking app which saves all types of content.

12. Unroll.me: Going through a cluttered email can be time-consuming. Unroll.me finds all of your subscriptions for you and easily scrolls through and unsubscribe from the ones you'd rather never hear from again.

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