Vertical Video: The Future of Mobile Advertising

vertical video

A new concept called vertical video is burgeoning in the social media and video marketing world. As technology evolves and the platforms we turn to watch videos change, marketers are learning to adapt. Historically, we have watched film and video horizontally on wide screens like television sets, computers, and movie screens. However, with video being viewed so prevalently on mobile devices it has become second nature to watch video on a phone or tablet with the screen held vertically, rather than turning the device horizontally.

Adapting to New Trends

Marketers and advertising agencies are beginning to pick up on this trend and are purposely creating video advertisements with a vertical perspective. We have been doing it for years with our smartphones, filming ourselves vertically for Snapchat or Instagram, but now marketers have begun to shoot their ads with the intention of being viewed vertically, which is a revolutionary concept.

Vertical Video is Here to Stay

Some producers are already on board. Video Producer Joe Avella is passionate about vertical video and a firm believer that it is here to stay. .

He brings up an important statistic, “About 50 million people in the U.S. now watch video on their mobile phones.” That’s a lot of eyeballs for advertisers to target. Watching video on a phone is a more intimate experience than watching on television, vertical videos compliment that personal, close-up feel that mobile users are experiencing.

The Social Media Perspective

Popular social apps such as Meerkat, with nearly 2 million users, and Snapchat, with 100 million daily users, are specifically designed for the use of vertical video. Facebook and YouTube have acknowledged the change and have updated their mobile apps as well to play vertical videos.

Recently, at the Cannes Lions Festival in France, Facebook unrolled its vision for future mobile advertising on their site. And guess what? It’s vertical video advertising. Take a look at the video below which shows the direction they plan to head.

The fact that 94% of Facebook’s revenue is generated from advertising and they unveiled vertical video advertisement as the direction they are heading, speaks volumes for the future of mobile advertising. This vertical video trend can be revolutionary to video advertising and marketers need to get on board.

Vertical Video by True Film

True Film has begun to create our own vertical videos and we are excited to challenge our creativity and work on many more in the future.

What is your story from True Film Production on Vimeo.

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