4 Reasons Why Drones Will Be Huge in 2016

Post shared by Stanley Meytin.

Drones have made quite a buzz in the past year and they are sure to continue to make the news in 2016. It wasn’t long ago that drones were exclusively found in war zones, and now drones are making their presence in cities and towns all over the globe, especially in the world of photography and video production. Drone popularity seems to be growing exponentially, here are 4 reasons why we think this may be the case.

1. Drones are Just So Cool

Let’s forget about the professional benefits that drones have supplied video production companies like ourselves, and just admit something: Drones are just cool to play with. They are like toys for adults, a remote control aircraft that has the ability to go thousands of feet into the air with a camera! There are not many people in this world who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to fly one. The sheer desire to play with drones may be the key to its popularity.

2. Aerial Footage is Breathtaking

The aerial footage captured by drones alone is enough to say “That’s freakin’ cool.” Aerial shots are just beautiful to behold. They offer angles and perspectives that ground photography simply cannot capture. Before drones came along, the only way to get aerial footage was to hire a helicopter. These days, anyone can use a drone to capture stunning aerial footage.

3. Drones are Easy to Acquire

As of now, there are no limitations on who can buy and fly a drone. There are models available in many price ranges, making the drone an affordable and useful item for many people. The only regulations are for where you can fly drones. For example, you cannot use drones within a certain radius of an airport, and the altitude at which you can fly your drone varies based on your location. But guess what? Your drone knows how high it is allowed to go and warns you if you get too high!

4. The Use of Drones in Marketing

The final reason we see drone usage exploding in 2016 is that drones offer unique opportunities when it comes to video marketing, and these unique opportunities are very attractive to companies that want to stand out from their competition. Brands and businesses are loving the affordable option to get aerial footage of their businesses to use in promotional videos, ads, sizzle reels and more. Also, aerial cityscapes are perfect for companies who want to show the scale of their operations in a video.

Real estate companies have found that drone footage offers a cool perspective on their available properties. It is a powerful tool they can use to sell properties in unique or notable settings. How about capturing video of live events? Take a look at this video taken at the Belmont Stakes in 2015. This drone gave us an entirely new perspective of the track as well as the events surrounding the main attraction.

If you are looking for a unique way to showcase your company, our drone services drone services are definitely something to consider. True Film Production can help you determine if aerial footage would be a good addition to your promotional videos or advertisements.

Source: http://truefilmproduction.com/4-reasons-why-drones-will-be-huge-in-2016/

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